Hear what my clients have to say

"As a recreational runner, I thought I was suppose to run in pain…until I found David Iler. David Iler came recommended by an employee of Ready To Run in Austin. I reached out to David, and found a massage therapist who, first of all, is a runner himself, and genuinely cares about the pain I was experiencing. David is an amazing talent who treats regular clients the same as the professional trainers and Olympic athletes he works with. David is also flexible with his scheduling so that his clients come first, and he considers my pain and problems with running to be his top priority when treating me, so that I can run pain free. I look forward to Mondays, and the benefits of training pain free afterward." -Dave Cody.

"If you take your sport and your training seriously, do yourself a favor and go see David Iler. His comprehensive knowledge of the human body and athletic function is apparent from the first 5 minutes you spend with him. By the end of your first session, he understands your body and its specific issues, and has a plan ready for you to tackle them together. I was the first ultimate frisbee player David had ever worked with, and yet immediately felt comfortable with his expertise and approach. My initial confidence has now been proven out over two consecutive healthy, high-performing seasons - thanks David!" -Ryan Purcell.

"After working with David for several months for short periods following my Saturday long runs, I finally set up multiple appointments to clear up a strained hamstring issue, as well as a plantar fasciitis/heel pain problem, that two other practitioners could not resolve. Not only did my hamstring clear up in just a few days after seeing David, my plantar fasiitis/heel pain cleared up enough for me to qualify for the 2016 Boston Marathon by my qualifying time in for Boston 2015. I highly recommend David's techniques and plan on seeing him often." -Larry Bright.

"After three years as a competitive runner dealing with serious and chronic hip and piraformis pain, I was finally referred to David Iler. He truly understands how to treat injuries the right way. He was able to thoroughly assess the deficits and weaknesses in my body that were actually the cause of the pain, making it possible to treat the real problem. After only 3 sessions, I was pain free and have been able to maintain this while racing marathon distances. I highly recommend David Iler LMT to all athletes searching for pain free training and race experiences!" -Lindsay Hauer.

"I'd been dealing with hip pain and fatigued glutes for months without understanding what the cause for this was. David diagnosed the issue that was causing me pain, and then knocked it out in just two sessions. My whole day feels better, and my running is the strongest it's ever been." -Aaric Eisenstein